Integrated Forest Management Lab


Welcome to the IFM Lab Homepage

Forests mean many things to many people, and provide a wide range of opportunities and benefits to us all. With this in mind, it is no surprise that the art and science of forestry is an amalgamation of diverse areas of expertise. The goal of the Integrated Forest Management Lab is to find solutions to modern challenges in forestry that combine the best ideas and expertise from all aspects of the forestry profession. lab

Our expertise:

The strength of the Integrated Forest Management is the people involved. Lab members contribute expertise in:

  • Mensuration
  • Forest Management
  • Silviculture
  • Optimization
  • Operations Scheduling
  • Engineering


The Integrated Forest Management Lab directly supports two of the four strategic clusters in the Innovation Agenda of New Brunswick, value-added natural resources and knowledge industries. The forestry industry is the largest contributor to Canada's balance of trade, at roughly $35-billion annually. The New Brunswick forest industry is the most important generator of employment and is the economic engine of the Province, producing 17,300 direct jobs and generating 2.4-billion dollars worth of exports.

The New Brunswick Forest industry is a high-tech, innovative sector that sevelops and utilises the latest in computer planning and harvesting technology.


Making a Significant Difference