PackForest Details


Dataset Name:


Date Added:

November 30, 2011

Contributed By:

Sandor Toth    
  186 Polygons, 1708 Hectares

 List of files and description of their content:

• Adjacency_Pack_forest.csv: stand adjacency list (stands are considered to be adjacent if they share a common boundary)
Attributes: UNIT_ID, UNIT_adjacent
• Stands_Pack_forest.csv: area and age data for each stand
Attributes: UNIT_ID, UNIT_area (in acres), UNIT_age (in 5 year units)
• Volume_Pack_forest.csv: 45 year volume projection for each stand in four timber product categories (1000 board feet):
o VACPDFDF – Douglas Fir Sawtimber
o VACPRARA – Red Alder Sawtimber
o VACPWRWR – Western Redcedar Sawtimber
Attributes for each timber product: UNIT_ID; volume p1, volume p2, … volume p9 (projected volume for period 1 to 9 for the given timber product in 1000 board feet)
• Map_Pack_forest (folder): shapefile of Pack forest. Stand identifier: “UNIT_ID”. Files: stands07.dbf, stands07.prj, stands07.sbn, stands07.sbx, stands07.shp, stands07.shx

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