Shulkell Details


Dataset Name:


Date Added:

June 19, 2004

Contributed By:

Evelyn Richards    
  1039 Polygons, 4499 Hectares

Location: Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, Canada
134 road segments
Note: Timber volumes were artificially assigned and may not represent the actual stand characteristics.

Data files:

  1. Shulkell.stand.txt
    • Fields: Stand #,Area (acres),Ageclass,Site Index, Stocking, Current Volume (cu ft), CoverType,For_non, Road Link Required
    • Notes: Ageclasses are 5-years FOR_NON indicates the forest type.
    • Volumes are in cubic feet
    • Road Link required is a near access road that must be built before the stand can be harvested
  2. Shulkell.roads.txt
    • Fields: Road Link Number, Start Node, Endnode, Length (m)
  3. Shulkell.maidata.txt
    • Data based on Nova Scotia yield data for softwoods, calculated from
    • Fields: Index, land class, Ageclass of Max Mai, Mean annual increment (cu ft/acre/yr) at each ageclass 1 - 22.
    • Note: mean annual increments calculated for these stands and for this region, simplified to assume all stands are softwood stands
  4. Shulkell.apr, FOREST.*, Mainroads.*, Roadlink.*
    • These are ArcView GIS files - the project file, the stands, the existing main roads, and the potential road segments that could be constructed.
  5. Shulkell.adj.txt
    • This file contains the adjacent stand list for the forest. The first entry in each line is the number of adjacencies, followed by the stand number, followed by the list of adjacent stands.

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