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Dataset Name:


Date Added:

January 1, 2005

Contributed By:

Peter Bettinger    
  74 Polygons, 1012 Hectares

Data includes a GIS, adjacency, age, and yield information.

Data files:

  1. Forest.*
    • These 5 files are the ArcView GIS.
  2. Br_adj.txt
    • The adjacency file br_adj.txt is a text file containing a list of pairs: (polygon, adjacent polygon).
  3. br_data.txt
    • The forest data file br_data.txt contains a list of: polygon, age during period 1 (if not harvested), acres.
  4. br_vol.txt
    • The timber volume file br_vol.txt is simply a text file, which gives volumes per acre by age class. It contains instructions for creating yield coefficients.

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