Dr. John A. Kershaw, Jr. CF, RPF, Forest Mensurationist

“The really great forester combines technical knowledge with idealism; even though he may be mistaken in detail, he must be enough of a thinker to fathom the national needs of the future.” – Theodore S. Woolsey, Jr. (Riding the Chuck Line)

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10 February 2012

Olesinski, J., Krasowski, M., Lavigne, M.B., Kershaw, J.A., Jr., and Bernier, P. 2012. Fine root production varies with climate in balsam fir (Abies balsamea). Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 42:364-374.


Coleman, E.A., Fischer, B., Kershaw, J.A., Jr. 2012. Using Stocking Guides to Take Stock of Forest Institutions. Society and Natural Resources. 25:209-215.

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