Dr. John A. Kershaw, Jr. CF, RPF, Forest Mensurationist

“The really great forester combines technical knowledge with idealism; even though he may be mistaken in detail, he must be enough of a thinker to fathom the national needs of the future.” – Theodore S. Woolsey, Jr. (Riding the Chuck Line)

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New Publication Accepted

13 February 2012

Rijal, B., Weiskittel, A.R.,  and Kershaw, J.A., Jr. In Press. Development of regional height to diameter equations for fifteen tree species in the North American Acadian Region. Forestry

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First Year Camp Photos

5 September 2008

Check out the photos from our new first year camp.  Students from the ENR, Forestry, and Forest Engineering programs all take this course.  2008 is our first run at it and so far so good (good weather helps, but we’ll see what hurricane Hannah brings Sunday).

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