Dr. John A. Kershaw, Jr. CF, RPF, Forest Mensurationist

“The really great forester combines technical knowledge with idealism; even though he may be mistaken in detail, he must be enough of a thinker to fathom the national needs of the future.” – Theodore S. Woolsey, Jr. (Riding the Chuck Line)

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Graduate Research Assistantships Available

9 November 2007

Two or three MSc or PhD research assistantships are currently available in growth and yield modeling. The preferred start date is January 2008, however I am willing to wait for highly qualified students and would consider a May 2008 or September 2008 start date. Students will be working as part of a larger project to develop a Maritimes FVS-like growth and yield model. Students will be working with a team of University, Industrial, and Government researchers and foresters. Stipends for MSc students are 16,500 (19,000 for non-Canadian students) and for PhD students 19,500 (22,000 for non-Canadian). In addition to this funding, the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Mgmt have several entrance scholarships and teaching assistantships available. The University of New Brunswick offers Foreign Fee waivers and other scholarships to outstanding PhD students. Interested students should send an email expressing interest and background and a copy of their current CV to kershaw@unb.ca. For more information, please contact John Kershaw at kershaw@unb.ca or by phone 506-453-4933.

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