Dr. John A. Kershaw, Jr. CF, RPF, Forest Mensurationist

“The really great forester combines technical knowledge with idealism; even though he may be mistaken in detail, he must be enough of a thinker to fathom the national needs of the future.” – Theodore S. Woolsey, Jr. (Riding the Chuck Line)

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New Publication Accepted

10 September 2011

Two new publications accepted:

Russell, M.B., Weiskittel, A.R., and Kershaw, J.A., Jr. In Press. Assessing model performance in forecasting long-term individual tree diameter versus basal area increment for the primary Acadian tree species. Canadian Journal of Forest Research.

Li, R., Weiskittel, A.R., Kershaw, J.A., Jr. In Press. Modeling annualized occurrence, frequency, and composition of ingrowth using mixed-effects zero-inflated models and permanent plots in the Acadian Region of North America. Canadian Journal of Forest Research.

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