Research Methods


Special Program for Development of Capacities

September 29 – Oct 3, 2014

Snowbird, Utah


Dr. Rolfe Leary and Dr. John A. Kershaw, Jr.


Workshop Overview: This Workshop module will present a framework for preparing a scientific research study plan. It will lead the participants through the process of asking scientific questions, developing meaningful hypotheses, and designing the research to test these hypotheses. At the end, each participant will be able to prepare, on a single piece of paper, the important elements of a Gowin Vee for their research, and to share this with the group.




                Gowens Vee – form fillable pdf






29 September


30 September


1 October


2 October


3 October


9.00 – 10.00

60 min




Research Methods:

Gowin Vee :  Center –  cont.

Ontological perspective: a) what is it, b) how do I use it, c) systems, d) levels.

Research Methods:

Gowin Vee: right hand

a) hypotheses and inferences (McRoberts grid)    

Research Methods:

d) designing experiments vs experimental design



Global Forest Information Service (GFIS)

10.00 -10.30

Coffee Break

10.30 – 12.30


120 min

Introduction to Workshop

1) Student introductions

2) Big science - Big ideas

3) Course outline/ goals/ organization

4) Questions

5) Example

Research Methods:

Student presentations of their central Vee            1 hr

Gowin Vee: Left –            26

a) concept,  b) proposition, c) theory,  d) Margenau’s perception plane, e) Lakehead framework

Triangle Excel

Research Methods:

 Gowin Vee: right hand side

c) sampling in a nutshell


Research Methods:


a)  Form volunteer teams (by discipline?) 3/team & form one complete Gowin Vee , and present to group

Global Forest Information Service (GFIS)

12.30 -14.0  90 min

Lunch Break


14.00 – 16.00

120 min


Research Methods:

6) What is science?

7) Sci. & Philosophy

8) Sci. Res (kinds, goals, aims; phases, tactics, etc)

The triangle


Research Methods:

f) deductions from prop. e.g. direction field

g) five loops summary     

h) effective literature reviews

Field Trip

Research Methods:

Knowledge Café

16.00 -16.30

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break


16.30 – 18.00

90 min

Research Methods:

Gowin Vee: center

9) Problem selection/ Characteristics of good questions

Research Methods:

Gowin Vee: left hand side

i) Eleusis – 7 teams of 4

        Rolfe’s rules

Winning team presented w  Tee shirts.

Research Methods: b) continue volunteer teams  Vee    presentations

c) Scientist personal qualities

d) Scientific ethics

Closing Session

18.30 -20.00


Farewell Party


20.00 – 21.00

60 min

“About IUFRO”

j) student presentations of Gowin Vee left  hand side